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Millenials and Climate Change: a Complicated Relationship

   During my junior year of high school, I spent three months working on a video that focused on the relationship between international governments and climate change for my earth science class.  That was in early 2015, when not much was being said about the 2016 election.  It never would have occurred to me then that, coming from a dominantly Republican neighborhood, a significant number of my classmates would go on to support a presidential candidate who either outright denied climate change or has made no more than a few tepid remarks about doing anything to prevent it.  Climate change was just addressed as a fact in my classroom, and a very dangerous one at that.  The possibility that it was a hoax created by the government was laughable.

   So why is it that serious bidders for the presidency are still allowed to deny climate change?  Millenials, after all, for the first time in this election will make up as many of the eligible voters in this country as the baby boomers do.  It’s not really an excuse to say that the post-World War 2 generation controls the polls anymore.  I found an interesting article that addresses this issue, and the steps that one campaign wants to take to fix this.


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