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Teaching all Democrats in DuPage to move their Democratic Neighbors to the polls EVERY election


We now find ourselves shaking our heads vigorously at the results of the November election, but also in a position where we have hordes of politically awakened people ready to get to work. The Strategic Activation Rally on January 9th was envisioned and designed to harness that post-election energy. Immediately after that event, we (DPDC) put into motion a systematic program of Social Media, data analysis, field training and events management which, though just in its start-up phase at this writing, will reach out individually to each of the thousands of people with whom we have regular contact.

As we get our field work in order, more and more vote-moving Democrats will be trained and mentored on how to determine the number of votes in their area and exactly how they need to be targeted and approached. Support teams to monitor the vote-chase are also being formed and trained, and will be well-prepared for both an issue canvass during the summer (you can sign up here to be involved) and our petition drives in the fall. We have an robust field plan and sustainable processes to absorb and deploy the many newly-minted Democrats (and the party faithful) to enhance voter contact and to spur turn-out in line with the election win-numbers that have been calculated.

Why is this a S*M*A*R*T goal: (S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable, R-Rewarding and T-Timebound) 

Specific—Train a full complement of voter-advocates between now and March of 2018 to walk, knock and gather signatures.

Measurable—Keep consistent records of those who have had field and Votebuilder training to measure our progress, and to ensure that our win-numbers will be hit.

Attainable—With consistent trainings and mentor outreach from DPDC and our townships, this kind of activation for the 2018 is quite attainable if we don’t get distracted.

Rewarding—This is the reward—an educated and motivated electorate that can create a Democratic sweep in DuPage County in 2020.

Time-bound—First benchmark is happening now with our Summer Issue Canvass (Sign up here) our next benchmark is the completion of this issue campaign with a substantial increase in the numbers of door knockers (completion scheduled for August 30, 2017), and the third benchmark is the 2018 petition drive which begins in early September and ends in early Dec 2017.

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