The Economics of Soaking the Rich: What does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know about tax policy? A lot.

By Paul Krugman, Opinion Columnist for The New York Times Jan. 5, 2019 I have no idea how well Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will perform as a member of Congress. But her election is already serving a valuable purpose. You see, the mere thought of having a young, articulate, telegenic nonwhite woman…

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Gov.-Elect Pritzker, Lt. Gov.-Elect Stratton Announce Growing Our Agricultural Economy Committee

Illinois Governor transition

Governor-elect JB Pritzker and Lieutenant Governor-elect Juliana Stratton announced the formation and members of the transition’s Growing Our Agricultural Economy Committee. The committee is the fifth of several working groups of the transition made up of subject-matter experts who will advise and guide the incoming Pritzker-Stratton administration. The Growing Our…

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Besides Democrat Elizabeth Chaplin, DuPage County Board Agrees to Spend $260,000 on Lobbyists

DuPage County Board

DuPage County officials are defending the county’s use of lobbyists after awarding $260,000 in contracts to three firms. “We’re a county of nearly a million people,” county board Chairman Dan Cronin said. “What goes on in Springfield can either help us or hurt us. We must have somebody there watching…

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AP FACT CHECK: No Pritzker plan to increase taxes 26 percent


Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is telling voters that his Democratic opponent J.B. Pritzker plans to raise taxes by 26 percent if he’s elected to office. Rauner, who is seeking a second term this fall, has spent years battling Democrats over how to handle the state’s troubled finances, which are…

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Sean Casten Speaks on Recent Supreme Court Janus Decision

Sean Casten, the Democratic Candidate for U.S. Representative in Illinois’ Sixth Congressional District, speaks out against the recent Supreme Court’s Janus decision. “This regrettable decision is yet another showing the current Supreme Court will consistently favor the interests of corporations over those of unions, individual workers, and families working to…

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Casten Gives Roskam Failing Grade on Student Loan Debt

Sixth District Congressional candidate Sean Casten today ripped Rep. Peter Roskam for adding to the debt burden facing millions of college students and offered his own plan to make college more affordable for working families. “In today’s knowledge-based economy, a college education is the ticket to a good job and…

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One month Until Election Day. Republicans continue to fail Americans.

ABBREVIATED PUNDIT ROUNDUP    By Georgia Logothetis    We begin today’s roundup with Catherine Rampell at The Washington Post and this very important point: [T]he problem isn’t “Washington.” It isn’t “Congress,” either. The problem is elected officials from a single political party: the GOP.  Republicans in the White House and Congress are the ones…

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WWJD on this Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to its celebrants! What Would JUSTICE Do? WORKING AT THE LOCAL LEVEL TO RENEW CHIP FUNDING DECEMBER 21, 2017LIZ CHAPLIN  1 COMMENT Congress will not reallocate funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan known as CHIP this year. CHIP provides insurance to the children of families who earn too much…

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