The Economics of Soaking the Rich: What does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know about tax policy? A lot.

By Paul Krugman, Opinion Columnist for The New York Times Jan. 5, 2019 I have no idea how well Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will perform as a member of Congress. But her election is already serving a valuable purpose. You see, the mere thought of having a young, articulate, telegenic nonwhite woman…

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Letters to the Editor on Chicago Tribune Endorsements

Letter to the Editor

Baseless endorsement To the editor: Your endorsement of Gov. Bruce Rauner was missing only one thing: any accomplishment of Rauner. That you don’t like J.B. Pritzker is evident, and your outline of him is common for the Tribune editorial endorsements — whatever might cut into the private sector is bad…

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AP FACT CHECK: No Pritzker plan to increase taxes 26 percent


Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is telling voters that his Democratic opponent J.B. Pritzker plans to raise taxes by 26 percent if he’s elected to office. Rauner, who is seeking a second term this fall, has spent years battling Democrats over how to handle the state’s troubled finances, which are…

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Daniel Biss: “I’m All in to Elect JB Pritzker”

Monday, JB Pritzker and Daniel Biss released the following statements on their commitment to defeating Bruce Rauner and electing Democrats up and down the ballot: “Since the primary, JB Pritzker and I have had a series of productive discussions about the future of the State of Illinois,” said Senator Daniel Biss. “I’m thrilled with his…

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