Chicago Sun-Times and Daily Herald Endorse JB Pritzker for Governor

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On Friday, JB Pritzker picked up two major newspaper endorsements in his bid to become Illinois’ next governor. The Chicago Sun-Times and the Daily Herald, which hasn’t endorsed a Democratic gubernatorial candidate since 1960, endorsed JB. Here’s why they’re backing the Democrat for the state’s top job:

From Chicago Sun-Times: Endorsement: J.B. Pritzker for governor, to get Illinois moving again:

We’ve been a bed-ridden strongman for too long.

So that’s why we’re endorsing Democrat J.B. Pritzker for governor in the Nov. 6 election. We believe he offers the best plan to put Illinois back on its feet in a way that benefits all of us, from billionaires to bus drivers.

His main opponent, incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner, a Republican, has been a failure…

Pritzker wants to better fund public education, restore vocational education in high schools and create a $15-an-hour minimum wage. He wants to ease the pressure of property taxes and pay down the state’s massive debts by pushing through a graduated income tax that demands more from the rich.

He supports the right of workers to organize, seeming to understand that unions are among the last bulwarks in America against overly concentrated wealth. He is opposed to union-busting “right-to-work zones” that Rauner has championed. He deplores the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Janus” decision in June, which says public employees no longer have to pay fees to the unions that negotiate their wages and benefits…

J.B. Pritzker is running for governor because he believes in Illinois. He wants to make it better place to raise children, work, play and run a business. And he has this curious notion, dismissed as hogwash by guys like Rauner, that it’s best in politics to stand up for ordinary people.

From Daily Herald: Endorsement: Daily Herald backs Pritzker over Rauner for governor:

We can’t afford another four years of confrontation and stalemate.

Truth be told, we in Illinois live in a state of emergency.

Progress must come from somewhere, and we know that because of Illinois’ political realities, it will not be through Rauner’s re-election.

Hope for change rests only with Democrat J.B. Pritzker…

But Pritzker and Pritzker alone, among the four candidates on the ballot, can drive the change within the Democratic Party itself that must take place to solve Illinois’ enormous problems.

He has the wealth to maintain his independence, the personal skills to build collaboration, the breadth of ideas necessary to address the issues and the ambition to make a difference.

We endorse Pritzker because status quo is not an option.

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