Congrats to Dan Hebreard and all filling candidates this week!


Dan Hebread needed 1,144 signatures to file for his race and got 2,300! That’s the kind of effort that has to come from candidates if they wish to succeed from the get go. Congratulations, Dan. He will appear on the primary ballot in March and the general election ballot in November as a candidate for President of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. 

Here is a blog written about Dan by Walt Zlotow, chair of the Milton Dems:

DuPage Forest Preserve sure isn’t preserving DuPage finances 

By Walt Zlotow

When I ran for the Glen Ellyn Park District commissioner in 2015 it sure wasn’t for the money. Salary $0; Health Insurance $0; Pension $0. It’s the same with school boards. It’s called public service and the folks who run are motivated by that single goal. Why then do the six DuPage Forest Preserve members get an annual salary of $50,000, over a thousand dollars for each of the roughly 45 meetings that last an average of one hour. There’s more: health insurance and a pension (for those whose service started before this year…which is all of them). Oh yes, the Forest Preserve president receives $75,000 plus the health insurance and pension. That’s $538,000 for little part time work when other counties pay a fraction of that for the same dedicated service. No neighboring county forest preserve commissioner comes close to the windfall goodies the DuPage Forest Preserve Board doles out to its president and commissioners. Most pay little or nothing. Lake County comes closest at a paltry $3,000 per commissioner. Their president is paid just a third of the DuPage Forest Preserve president. 

Daniel Hebreard is running for the Democratic nomination for Forest Preserve president. His reform platform calls for an 82% reduction in salaries and benefits for himself and the six commissioners. That is $441,000 each year for better facilities like new modern washrooms at the busiest preserves, bridges to connect trails and communities, and improved technology. You won’t hear about cutting salaries and benefits from the president and three commissioners up for re-election next year. They and the other three Forest Preserve members, all Republicans, have a limit on promoting fiscal responsibility for the public. It begins after they take care of themselves.


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