Congressman Roskam Says One Thing, Does Another


Who is the real Peter Roskam? If he’s done nothing else in his six terms in office as a U.S. Congressman for District 6, Peter Roskam has perfected the art of saying one thing and doing another.

Roskam’s record shows a clear pattern. He pays lip service to common sense when it costs him nothing politically, but when the chips are down, he votes in favor of his corporate donors and the alt-right factions that control the Republican party.

He joined the climate change caucus in May, but has one of the worst environmental voting records in Congress, including more than two dozen anti-environment votes in the current term.

He offers meaningless “thoughts and prayers” after mass shootings, while accepting money from the NRA and voting in line with their agenda.

He issued a statement against border separations, but was one of only 121 Republicans to vote in favor of the Trump-supported immigration bill less than two weeks later.

We saw another example of Roskam’s hypocrisy after Trump’s shameful appearance in Helsinki. Roskam posted a series of tweets denouncing Putin and the press conference, but conspicuously avoided mentioning Trump by name. Clearly, his goal is to pander to public opinion while avoiding friction with his true masters.

Peter Roskam is an empty shell of a politician, without conviction and without a sense of duty to his constituents. The 6th district needs a new representative, one who will truly serve the interests of his district and the nation.

Devin McCrate, West Dundee


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