DuPage Dems Difference Maker – Bruce Beckman

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Bruce Beckman has been active in the Village of Downers Grove for 40 years. He is currently the Precinct Committeeperson for Downers Grove Precinct 51.

Bruce has been an active participant with the Democratic Party of DuPage County and the Downers Grove Township Democrats. He supports both with his time, treasure, and talent. His first-hand experience has been extremely valuable in assisting candidates with strategy and tactics. He was an elected member of the Community High School District 99 Board of Trustees from 1979-2003, serving as Board President from 1999-2001. Prior to election to the board, he served as President for the District 99 School Board Caucus for 2 years. In 2007, he was elected as a Commissioner for the Village of Downers Grove Village Council and served a four year term.


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