Elect a New Governor


GOAL #1 

Regain the Governor’s Office and the drawing of the 2020 Map

There seems to be little doubt that Governor Rauner has been just the failure for working families and the health of the state that had been predicted.

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Even the extremely conservative and misguided Chicago Tribune recognizes his lack of leadership and the fact that four more years with Rauner is a bad idea. But Rauner’s possible re-election, which we are well-positioned to rebuke, has an additional peril—the post-census remap in 2020.

One of the reasons that DuPage County had seemed so “naturally” Republican for so long was that the governor’s office was controlled by Republicans from 1977-2003 who controlled three decades of remapping. They drew the lines that kept Henry Hyde and Judy Biggert safe – and that kept Democrats in our million-people county which is bigger than 5 of the states of the union—politically voiceless and powerless from County Board to Congress. It was a pretty dark time for many families and for worker-oriented movements in DuPage as well. Nearly 40 years wandering in electoral darkness. If we don’t wish to return to that time, it is important that you become an evangelist for this 3-pronged strategy. We can’t afford for friends and family to be dragged away to work on races that cannot be won, but that CAN draw enough energy away that we lose our margin for the Democratic governor candidate—AND lose our party’s control of the remap AND, very likely, also LOSE the voices of Raja Krishnamoorthi, Mike Quigley, and Bill Foster in Congress. This is the very real danger of getting distracted.

Why is this a S*M*A*R*T goal: (S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable, R-Rewarding and T-Timebound)

Specific—Turn out 42% of DuPage voters for the Democratic Gubernatorial nominee to push him/her over the win line while organizing for a 100% increase in ground forces (add over 350 new precinct workers).

Measurable—The number of voters we contact and move to the polls will be predetermined and accounted for, as will the increase in PC activation. Not “some”. Not “lots”. Real numbers.

Attainable—We were able to do this in the 2010 campaign for Pat Quinn, and in the most recent campaign for Susana Mendoza. We have a motivated electorate and can provide the Democratic Gubernatorial candidate in the general with a healthy margin of 42-45%.

Rewarding—Returning the Governor’s Office to one that works for us in Springfield while retaining our congressional map and our Democratic representation in D.C. would be extremely rewarding for the collective life of DuPage County.

Time-bound—Three deadlines that move us towards our S*M*A*R*T goal: First benchmark, petition-gathering (due late December will show our ground strength) deadline 2, March 20, 2018 (test of moving voters to the polls in a midterm), and finally, election day Nov 6, 2018.

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