Elect a Power Swing Block

Focusing with Intent on Electing Six County Board Members 


Every decade on the eighth year (i.e. 2008, 2018), elections to the County Board in DuPage take on a special urgency. In order to remain in 10 year increments, each board member has staggered terms drawn by lots: 4-4-2 (years), 4-2-4 and 2-4-4. Up until the 8th year, each election has two distinct races: one for a 2-year term and one for a 4-year term. On the 8th year, both terms come up (as one could surmise) as 4-year terms which essentially makes the race a run-off with every candidate vying for an identical term. It was the nature of the eighth year election, coupled with running just one Democratic candidate in each district race, that helped elect the three Democratic county board candidates in 2008.

The Republicans, presuming they will take both seats, will always run two people in every race. HOWEVER, if we get S*M*A*R*T strategically running ONLY one Democratic candidate in each CB district, and teach our Democratic voters to VOTE ONE AND DONE, we will find ourselves electing a swing block of six strongly aligned Democrats—Democrats capable of block negotiations with the other 12 members will create a bridge for new policies to improve the lives of ALL DuPage residents. BUT, we will still have a very exciting and informative primary to see who that one lucky winner is!

Why is this a S*M*A*R*T goal:

Specific–Run EXACTLY six vetted and qualified candidates to run for county board in November 2018

Measurable—Calculate the win numbers for each district and move those voters to the polls.

Attainable—Actually, these are, by far, the most attainable seats available for county board.

Rewarding—Again, the reward is to create a powerful block of committed Democrats deciding policy at the Board after a very long drought.

Time-bound—First benchmark in March 21st and making sure only ONE TOP DEMOCRATIC WINNER in each district is on the ballot for November and the second is moving folks to the polls in tandem with making sure voters vote in the governor’s race. 

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