Event Information:

  • Wed

    Issue Canvass - TURN-IN

    7:00 p.m. or laterDPDC office, 1000-7 N Rohlwing Rd, Lombard, IL 60148

    Instead of stewing about all that is going on in the US and in IL, we've decided to START TALKING to our neighbors about it. Join us as we do a summer-long issue canvass and find out what people in your DuPage County neighborhood think. This is also the perfect vehicle to find those who are already wanting to help us win in 2018 and just await your kind invitation. We will canvass most of the summer, generally with with the group canvasses/walk parties on Saturdays, and  group canvasses/walk parties and the opportunity to turn in your materials the following Wednesday (see below for exact dates and times).

    If you haven't signed up yet at all, do so today here so that you can start learning and using our very low-key system for knocking on doors and finding out what your neighbors care about. Along the way, you will find dozens of people who have been waiting for your invitation to join in so that we can all do this together

    This is a day to turn in your materials gathered on the canvass on July 29, 2017. People who have walk lists completed, or want to turn in what they have so far, can come to the office after 7:00 pm and we'll check in what you bring and see what questions you have at this point.

    If you missed the last canvass, no problem! You can join our efforts at ANY time. Here are the scheduled canvass dates coming up:

    ·         Aug 12th Sat WALK

    ·         Aug 16th Wed TURN-IN

    This program is in cooperation with the Northern Illinois Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action  and YOU can jump right in no matter where you are in the process. If you need materials or a little more training, please write to ground@dupagedemocrats.com and let them know exactly what you need.