Failure Fact Check: Rauner Touts “Important Priorities” He Decimated

Chicago, IL – As Rauner tries to take credit for a budget he had little role in crafting and signed three years too late, the Pritzker campaign will be holding him accountable and highlighting the damage his 736-day budget crisis has done to the state.

Bruce Rauner is unironically touting “important priorities” included in the new state budget, which lawmakers passed while the failed governor was sidelined, without looking at his own record of decimation and hypocrisy:


  • CLAIM: “No tax increases”
  • REALITY CHECK: “In approving this budget, [Rauner] will be approving spending billions of dollars from the 2017 income tax increase.”


  • CLAIM: “Funding for more state troopers”
  • REALITY CHECK: “Police training canceled because of Illinois budget crisis”


  • CLAIM: “Record education funding”
  • REALITY CHECK: In August 2017, “Bruce Rauner vetoed the school funding bill,” and then in January 2018, “Rauner on Monday issued an amendatory veto of legislation needed to implement a historic school funding bill.”


  • CLAIM: “Funding to fight opioids”
  • REALITY CHECK: “Rauner vetoed a major piece of legislation aimed at decreasing heroin deaths and improving treatment and education”


  • CLAIM: “Funding for reconstruction of the Quincy Veterans Home”
  • REALITY CHECK: “More than two years after Legionnaire’s disease killed a dozen residents at a state-run veterans home in Quincy, Gov. Bruce Rauner on Wednesday said he would convene a task force to look at how to best overhaul the facility and prevent another outbreak.” Three months later, reports on Rauner’s half-baked proposal said “Quincy veterans home redo [would] take 4-5 years.”


“Bruce Rauner decimated programs and services across the state and was sidelined by the General Assembly as they worked to clean up his mess,” said Pritzker campaign spokesman Jason Rubin. “Rauner now touting the budget they passed is the equivalent of a child who spills milk, makes someone else clean it up, and then brags about how clean the floor is.”

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