How’s Obstructionism Working for the GOP?

Published by Democratic Party of DuPage County on

By Jay Mitchell

By now, we’ve all seen the plethora of political ads for the upcoming gubernatorial elections. But this year, Republicans aren’t touting what they’ll do for Illinois. Instead, they are saying what they will not do — work with Speaker Mike Madigan.

Republican ads are anything if not consistent saying, “Elect me, because I hate Madigan more than my opponent.” So let me get this straight. After three years of Gov. Rauner refusing to talk or negotiate with the speaker and accomplishing absolutely none of his reforms or nothing for Illinois, we’re supposed to see this as a good thing and vote for more of the same?

Mike Madigan is arguably Illinois’ most polarizing political figure — you either love him or hate him. But the people in the 22nd District have a right to elect who they want to represent them. We, outside of that district, should not begrudge them that right. What we should do is elect a governor and our own representatives who will work with all their colleagues, friends and foes, to accomplish whatever they can for the people who elect them.

The Democratic candidates have clearly stated they do not agree with Speaker Madigan on all issues, but will work with him and all their peers to stop Illinois from being the laughingstock of the country. After the past three years of free fall, that’s enough for me. I will not be voting for a Republican governor or any other representative this year, but for a Democrat.




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