JB Pritzker Statement on Supreme Court Upholding Trump’s De Facto Muslim Ban

Published by Democratic Party of DuPage County on

After the Supreme Court upheld Donald Trump’s travel ban yesterday, JB Pritzker, Democratic candidate for governor of Illinois, released the following statement:

“The Supreme Court upholding Donald Trump’s de facto Muslim ban is an appalling decision that runs counter to the core values our country was founded on,”said JB Pritzker. “It’s shameful that this bigoted president is getting away with imposing a poorly disguised religious test for entrance into our country. It’s even more shameful that his silent partner, Bruce Rauner, refuses to rebuke Trump for his attempts to exploit our differences and rip apart families. While Rauner is in Washington today, he should send a clear message to the president that his xenophobic travel ban abandons American principles. When I’m governor, Donald Trump will know his hate has no place in Illinois, and I will protect our immigrant families and fight back against Trump’s bigoted agenda at every turn.”

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