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About the Young Dems

The Young Dems is a new initiative aimed at young Democrats and their potential to be a huge part of the political process, the Democratic Party, and DuPage County.

What is the real key to electing more Democrats and seeing true change? It lies in the hands of young people and their activism. DuPage County is the second largest county in the State of Illinois. As a county, we have the opportunity to have a large impact on our politics, our policies, and most certainly our elections. If we want an increased minimum wage, if we want less racial discrimination, if we want to work towards battling climate change, and if we want an overall better country to live in, it starts with you! Help us turn Dupage County blue!



YOU are just the person to engage young Democrats!
In order to campaign effectively and really leave your mark on your community, you are going to want to dip into some resources. Below are a great list of resources to get you on the fast-track to making an impact and forwarding Democratic candidates and ideas:

First Things First: Be a Voter
In order to participate in the Democratic Party, be sure to be a voter! If you are not yet a registered voter, you can use the online registration. Once registered you can begin to vote for Democrats in an upcoming election. You must be at least 18 years old to register to vote.

Act with Wellstone
Wellstone Action is an amazing organization that supplies many tools for you to learn more about communication, field organizing, fundraising, and leadership. All useful in order to forward your ideas! Check out all of their useful tools here.

Identify Your Representatives
Click here to find a listing of your current Representatives.

Getting Involved

Getting involved with the Young Dems is simple. First, you may want to catch us on social media! Like our Facebook page, and let us know there by PM how you can help us expand out Social Media reach within DuPage.

Next, tell us what you’re thinking! As a young Democrat, how do you want to turn DuPage blue? What issues are important to you? How do you want to help elect Democrats and bring about change? Do you have something you are wanting to address? Let us know and we can make it happen. We want people who have zeal and a passion for the issues. Please contact us via youngdems@dupagedemocrats.com

Whether you want to intern with us, write social media content, campaign for your favorite candidates, or become a candidate yourself, we have a spot for you!

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