May 9th County Board Meeting Summary by Tom Teune

Submitted by Tom Teune

The DuPage county board meeting held on the evening of May 9, 2017, and the earlier board’s finance committee approved purchase order contracts for millions of budgeted spending from pharmaceuticals for the DuPage Care Center to road paint and engineering services for storm water management.
Two items on the agendas are noteworthy for their health savings benefits and compassion.

During the finance committee hearings, a county staff employee testified how spending money for health screenings had prevented more serious diseases and detected diseases in their early stages for several county employees. Both led to early healthcare interventions and contained costs for the county.

What wasn’t mentioned was the potential benefits to the people of the entire county if these screenings could be offered to all county residents who didn’t have them available through private employee insurance.

A major part of the county board meeting was spent honoring with awards several middle school students who raised money by doing odd jobs around their neighborhood. The students then used these funds to purchase clothing, food and other household items for three families in need. As great as this selfless charitable action was on the part of young people, the county government should be making the same effort to award county employees in the community services department who serve hundreds of needy families throughout the county on a day in and day out basis.

In fact, county government efforts to address the needs of the county’s impoverished families should be expanded.

To contact your county board members and/or Chair to ask them to support these or any other local initiatives please find their contact info here (and then write to us at to let us know  what you wrote or called about and  then get involved in electing a new power block of Democrats to the county board by volunteering here).

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