Polls Matter

Polls matter

We live in odd times when our Republican office-holders in Congress seem more out of touch not only with Americans in general, but even among members of their own party. Many national polls this year state the obvious: Most Americans don’t agree with the GOP tax proposal, don’t want national monuments curtailed, don’t agree with the repeated travel bans, don’t want to build a wall and don’t want to withdraw from international treaties or partnerships. According to Pew Research, only 25 percent of Republicans, Republicans mind you, agree with undoing net neutrality. Only 15 percent of Republicans want reductions in Social Security or Medicare. Only 35 percent of Republicans want reductions in health care coverage. And only 38 percent of Republicans want reduced environmental and climate protections. Yet Republicans in Congress, including our local Reps. Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren, seem to march to a different tune, caring more about the marching orders from their big donors rather than what’s best for the country and the citizens they represent. We need to change this on Election Day, November 6, 2018.

Jay Mitchell, Naperville


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