Project Blue, founded in 2015, is a neProject Blue Logo 1w initiative aimed at young Democrats and their potential to be a huge part of the political process, the Democratic Party, and DuPage County.

What is the real key to electing more Democrats and seeing true change? It lies in the hands of young people and their activism. DuPage County is the second largest county in the State of Illinois. As a county, we have the opportunity to have a large impact on our politics, our policies, and most certainly our elections. If we want an increased minimum wage, if we want less racial discrimination, if we want to work towards battling climate change, and if we want an overall better country to live in, it starts with you! Help us turn Dupage County blue!

Our Project Blue webpages will give you all that you need to start impacting your community. Learn more about Project Blue leadership opportunities, take advantage of numerous resources at your finger tips, and learn how you can get involved!

For information on how to get involved in your community and become a part of Project Blue, email