That influencer could be you.

Dan Bailey, Long time activist, Democratic candidate and precinct representative shares his thoughts on influence and change:
Influence and change begin on the local level. Learn about it. Get involved with it. Vote.
It’s the people you elect and propositions you vote for or against that determine what happens in your schools, libraries, forest preserves, streets, sanitation…the list goes on, even taxes.
This is the story,  your story because you see the influencers and changers every day. They go to the school board, village, township, commission and other governmental meetings. They become candidates for office in those local organizations. When they are elected, they serve in their local government.
You see them involved in campaigning for their cause: passing out literature at the train station, making phone calls, canvassing their precinct, put out a mailing, and other activities. People ask why do they give their time for no pay? They do it for a better life through government. Win or lose, they will be the influencers and changers.
If you want to be one of those influencers and changers, what do you have to do to vote with a purpose in the April 4th Consolidated Election?
You have to do some work. Learn about the issues and candidates. Your Election Commission can give you the candidates and propositions. You can also find out your registration status, your precinct, and in almost every case, get a sample ballot. Call your candidates. You can get their addresses. They are also available from your Election Commission. Call your candidate’s office.
Check out the League of Women Voters. They offer nonpartisan educational information and programs. Look at your local publications. Google your candidates and propositions. Call your local Democratic Party (in DuPage County 630-629-1125). Ask them what’s going on and how you can get involved.
If you feel strongly enough, do something to help your candidates or work for or against a proposition.
In the end, be an influencer and changer and go out and VOTE.

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