The New Rauner Agenda: Same as the Old, Failed Rauner Agenda

Published by Democratic Party of DuPage County on

In a meeting with legislative leaders this week, Governor Bruce Rauner proposed what “is largely a repeat of the wish list he’s been pushing for several years,” according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.

In his 2014 campaign, Rauner’s pitch to voters included big ideas, like pension reform, right-to-work union-busting policies, term limits, and smaller items, like reforming the state’s gas tax, allowing municipalities to declare bankruptcy, and reforming the state’s guidelines for lawsuits.

However, Rauner’s agenda was met unprecedented resistance, with protests erupting across the state and in the halls of the General Assembly. In particular, Rauner’s so-called right to work legislation was a non-starter and received zero votes in the State House.




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