Turn Rauner Around: All Organizing we do now helps us double down against a Rauner second term

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RAUNER FORCED AGAIN (AND AGAIN) TO DROP AGENDA — “Rauner bends on budget, lives to fight another day on ‘turnaround agenda,'” by Chicago Tribune’s Kim Geiger and Monique Garcia: “Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner staked his first term on a three-prong strategy to improve Illinois’ economy: loosen the grip held by entrenched politicians, weaken the influence of organized labor and ease regulations on his allies in the business world. But when push came to shove at the Capitol last week, it was the governor’s ‘turnaround agenda’ that once again landed off to the side, with the needs of Chicago taking center stage and the state’s own financial challenges put off for another day … Time after time, Rauner has held firm on his legislative demands, hoping that mounting pressure will send Democrats to the negotiating table. And time after time, Democrats have waited him out until the demands of governing outweigh Rauner’s wish list and he has to strike a short-team deal in the hopes of staying alive politically to fight another day.” http://trib.in/29endbM

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