Union-busting = Trump. Senator Biss talks to Indivisible

By Dan Bailey

Illinois State Senator Dan Biss, a Democrat running for governor in 2018, spoke at a packed Indivisible Town Hall in the Glen Ellyn Civic Center on March 2. Indivisible groups are newly activist citizens who came together all over our area to counter the Trump agenda. This progressive state senator and gubernatorial candidate shared his views on the Springfield political scene . Below are some highlights of Senator Biss’ talk:

The Rauner-style agenda focuses on breaking unions because they are the main force advocating and fighting for working people and the middle class and the main support of the Democratic Party.

Where Rauner-type agendas have been implemented in states such as Michigan and Wisconsin and others, the Democratic Party was significantly weakened as a result, and Trump was able to win.

In other words, it was state governors’ union-busting plans, like Rauner’s, put in place in various states across our country, that led to Trump’s victory. This means our most important work in Illinois is to defeat Rauner and elect a Democratic governor who actually works for the people, not the lobbyists.

Additionally, Senator Biss said we also need to address machine politics with grass roots political organizing to elect Democrats who respond to the needs of their constituents first, instead of the machine. When elected officials truly represent, respond to and work for the people, we will begin to solve the problems we currently have with Illinois government.

Watch this video for more insightful and useful information from Senator Biss’ town hall, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY51Okr9qtE

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