Urgent alert: Save Waterfall Glen and Support our Forest Preserve Candidates, Irfan Ibrahim and Dan Hebreard

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By Lisle Township Democratic Organization

Action Alert: Darien to allow giant warehouse to be built bordering Waterfall Glen.

Irfan Ibrahim started this petition to City of Darien Mayor Kathleen Weaver, please sign by clicking on that link.

Here, in the midst of our precious DuPage Forest Preserves is a classic, and unnecessary, battle between development and environment.  PLEASE read on, and be involved.   We have only days before a final decision is made impacting one of the most prized spots in our Preserves along with the surrounding area.  Here are the details:

Sterling Bay is a large development company from Chicago. They are proposing a big box warehouse at 1035 S Frontage Rd, Darien IL (at the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve)
Facts about this big warehouse:
a. 153,000 Sq Ft
b. 31 Loading Truck Terminals
c. 157 car parking spaces
d. East border is our Forest Preserve’s wetlands and floodplains
e. South of this warehouse borders Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve
f. Consumes 10.25 acres of land
g. 39ft Tall

Why do we need a pause or possible stop on this project?
Waterfall Glen is a crown jewel and community fixture of our forest preserves, providing recreational and natural respite to families from Darien, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Westmont, Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale.
And yet, standard methods of evaluating such a drastic plan anywhere, much less near our loveliest glen, have been ignored!  See these startling facts:

  1. NO environmental impact studies have been submitted by the developer.
  2. NO Traffic/Congestion Impact study has been submitted (this will affect you drivers near 83, 355 and more!).
  3. We do not know any details regarding air pollution and toxin release which will affect our children and surrounding wildlife…though we know diesel fumes are toxic.
  4. Noise pollution affecting all human and animal residents is inevitable with 31 truck terminals.
  5. The development will limit the enjoyment of, and accessibility to, Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve by DuPage County residents (bikers, hikers, runners, even families taking a walk).
  6. There will be potential decreases in property values in the area. (Real Estate impact study)
  7. There will be negative environmental impact upon the plants, animals, flora, fauna, wetlands, floodplains and natural resources of Waterfall Glen.

Isn’t Development needed?
There are many other established warehouse and trucking corridors that are not on the doorsteps of a prime preserve’s space.
Further, Illinois now has the country’s leading law to support solar energy; it is booming in our state and will only grow.  Through that law, development and related jobs can occur sustainably.  In ways that give healthy, quality jobs… while  restoring our communities and our planet.  Support sustainable development!

What Can WE DO About It?

  1.  Sign Irfan’s petition: City of Darien Mayor Kathleen Weaver
  2. Share the petition on your Facebook, by emailing your friends, etc…
  3. Mark your calendars, because we have one last chance to fight this if WE ALL ATTEND the final Darien City Council meeting:

When:  Tuesday, September 4th, 7:30 PM
Where:  Darien City Hall, 1702 Plainfield Rd., Darien 60561

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