ADA has been calling for an independent investigation on Trump/Russia ties and the election since you heard from us in the email SHOWN BELOW. While we certainly have our problems with James Comey’s work at the FBI, Trump firing him amid an investigation into Russia wreaks of coverup and threatens to slow if not derail the FBI’s work to undercover the truth.

A few things you can do now:

1.) Sign our new petition aimed at the entire House and Senate calling for an independent investigation.

2.) Forward the petition to your friends. Forward To A Friend

3.) Join in an action, attend a town hall, or meet with your elected officials and ask that they support an independent investigation.

4). Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today calling for an independent investigation into Trump/Russia ties.

We will not rest until the truth is known and we thank you for taking action on this critical issue.

ADAction Team


THIS IS THE Previous Email:


New information continues to surface about ties between Trump, his campaign for president, and his administration and Russian operatives.

1) The House Republican in charge of investigating these ties to Russia, Rep. Devin Nunes,  is acting and speaking inappropriately.

2) Former campaign leader Paul Manafort apparently had a multi-million contract to promote Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s interests.

3) and the many other questions that have already been raised.

The American people and our very democratic freedom demand that an independent investigation be opened into the details, extent, and impact of any dealings between President Trump, his campaign, and/or his allies with Russia or Russian interests. Open an independent investigation now, so that we may act and move forward appropriately.

That’s why ADA created a petition to Rep. Devin Nunes (CA-22) and Rep. Adam Schiff (CA-28) who are heading up the House investigation asking that they turn this political charged but essential task to an independent body.

Will you sign this petition?


ADA Action Team

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