All Democrats in DuPage County, whether or not elected precinct committeemen, are eligible to serve on committees.
Appointments to committees are made by the County Chair with the number of members serving on each committee fixed by the Executive Committee. For more information, or to inquire about volunteering for a committee, please contact us.

Standing Committees:

  • By-Laws
    Kevin Lindemann
  • Election Committee
    Bill Lavin
    Paul Sjordal
  • Daytime Dems
    Karen Hoffman
  • Election Judges
    Gary Tomlinson
  • Finance
    Nasir Jahangir
  • Governmental Affairs
    Paul Fessenbecker
  • Legal/Election Protection
    Justin Major
  • Technology
    Gary Kleppe
  • Union Liaison
    Sean Allen
  • Website Update/Social Media Coordinator
    Amy Rohrer
  • Women and Minority Outreach Sadia Gul Covert