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DuPage County has consistently grown in Democratic turn out, defying conventional wisdom.

November 2016: THIS IS WHERE YOU MAKE THE HISTORY TOGETHER WITH US. Together we ARE stronger and the Republicans are truly on the run. Help us keep it that way.

March 2016: the second highest number of Democrats (126K) turned out for the primary! We have 32 candidates up and down the ballot and in 2013 we elected the first Democrat in township government in, well, forever. 

November 2008: 55% of voters in DuPage County cast their ballot for Democrat Barack Obama for President of the United States. He is the first Democrat to win in DuPage since 1960 and did so by a double-digit margin, which bodes well for parity in governmental control to come to DuPage sooner rather than later. The DPDC had three winners in the 2008 County Board races, first time that many Dems had won since Watergate.

February 2008: 55% of all voters in DuPage County pulled Democratic ballots in the February’s primary.

November 2006: Democratic candidate Lisa Madigan is the top vote getter in all races in DuPage County in her successful run for Illinois Attorney General.

November 2004: Democratic candidate Barack Obama wins 63% of DuPage County votes in his successful run for U.S. Senate and Christine Cegelis shakes behemoth congressman Henry Hyde’s confidence by getting the highest votes against him in his multi-decade history in Congress.

Previous to 2008, only a handful of Democrats have held elected office in DuPage in the last four decades even though Bill Redmond, a Democrat from DuPage was actually Speaker of the House for 3 terms starting in 1975. Some argued that an uneasy truce between Cook County and DuPage had fostered the electoral inequity in both counties. But time has shown, that a monopoly of voices from one side of the spectrum essentially causes the kind of “Yes-men/ma’am” mentality that allows egregious overruns and errors to take place.

Here in DuPage, the issue with the Water Commission is a perfect example– had the one lone Democrat on that committee, Liz Chaplin, had some allies, the Republican controlled commission would not have drained millions from the Water Commission kitty only to cover it up with a sales tax they blamed on the Dermocrats in Springfield (though it saved their butts) and STILL turn around and yank up your water rates by 30% this year.