WWJD on this Christmas Day.

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Merry Christmas to its celebrants!

What Would JUSTICE Do?


Congress will not reallocate funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan known as CHIP this year. CHIP provides insurance to the children of families who earn too much for Medicaid, but do not receive insurance through their employers. If CHIP funding is not reauthorized 9 million low-income children will not have access to basic health care.  As of September of 2016 there were 13,269 children under the age of 19 in DuPage County covered by CHIP.  I am working at the local level to make sure congress makes funding CHIP a priority in 2018.

Every year DuPage County sets a State and Federal Legislative Agenda. The Legislative Agenda is a very powerful tool.  The Legislative Agenda informs our local and federal representatives of our top priorities.

On December 12, 2017 I attended the meeting of the DuPage County Legislative Committee. I asked that the committee support federal funding of CHIP.  I am hopeful that the committee will support my recommendation. READ MORE

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