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We are extremely grateful to our staff for their work and commitment to the Democratic Party of DuPage County.
Anne Sommerkamp

Executive Director


Job Description
The Executive Director assists the County Chair in both the daily operations of the Democratic Party of DuPage County and it’s long term strategic goals. This can include assistance in event planning, fundraising, correspondence and communications, building the party profile, general advising to candidates, training PCs, Votebuilder and data support, coordinating campaigns with other groups, setting GOTV operations, and representing the party at certain events.

Ilse Messner



Job Description
Responsibilities include providing assistance and advice to the Treasurer in matters of DPDC financial accounting and reporting. In consultation with the Treasurer, will file periodic reports to the IL State Board of Elections, as required. Will understand existing campaign finance law as it relates to DPDC, as well as any changes enacted by the state. Will also be available to educate Democratic candidates on campaign finance reporting and record keeping. In the event of an internal or external audit, will be available to discuss DPDC finances with auditor(s).

Erica Green
Digital Director


Job Description
Help to promote the Democratic Party of DuPage County, its platform, and its candidates using new media and digital tools, such as websites, blogs, and social media. Work with different teams to coordinate projects and messaging across various media. Increase followers and engagement across all digital platforms. Use competitive research and voter research to build and execute social media and website strategy that aligns with the goals of the Democratic Party. Create and optimize company pages on the Democratic Party of DuPage County website and within each social media platform. Analyze data from social media and web statistics to improve strategy. Monitor comments and likes on social media, respond when appropriate. Answer private messages sent to social media. Stay up-to-date with digital media developments and new digital promotional strategies.

Jeff Jacobson



Job Description

1) The Parliamentarian shall perform the following duties:
2) Be the official parliamentarian of all meetings of the DCDCC;
3) Perform such other duties as assigned by the Chair or the Executive Committee.

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