Crowd Protesting

Democrats Deliver



American Rescue Plan (a.k.a. COVID 19 Stimulus Package)

7.4 million jobs created

Lowest unemployment rate in 50 years

Record 5.7% GDP growth

Fastest economic growth in 40 years

75% of Americans Vaccinated

Rebuild America

Helped schools safely reopen- 99% of schools open and in-person

Funding for schools and teachers to get ahead

$15 BILLION to small businesses 

Relief for Families

Delivered immediate economic relief

Lowered health insurance costs for millions of Americans


$110 Billion to repair America's roads and bridges

Largest investment in public transit in the nations history

Insure every American has access to reliable high-speed internet

Largest investment in clean energy transmission and EV infrastructure in history Largest investment in clean drinking water and waste water in history Modernize ports and airports

HUD announces 2.6 billion in awards to help people experiencing homelessness

No one  making under $400,000 will pay extra taxes

Uniting our Democratic Alíes

Scrutinizes large mergers that weaken the economy and create higher prices for consumers

Shows leadership on the world stage against tereny



Passed a balanced budget that will pay down billions of dollars in debt. Gives taxpayers $1.8 billion in tax relief

Eliminate tax on groceries for one year

Doubles property tax rebate

Provides direct checks to working families

Freezes the motor fuel tax for six months Permanently expands the earned income tax credit Invests $124 million to support local police. Provides $486 million to create safer communities. Funds education, health care, and public safety.

Increased the Illinois Credit rating.  It’s is no longer junk status

Increases mental health services by allowing licensed clinical  counselors to bill Medicaid 



New voting machines that use only paper ballots Enacted Permanent Vote by Mail

Solar arrays to power buildings, vehicles Renovating May's Lake mansion

Cut pension costs

Growth in the number of 708 Boards